Getriebebau und Service - Fertigung von Teilen und Baugruppen

Transmission/Gearbox Manufacturing and Service
Manufacture of parts and subassemblies


Being a family-run, medium-sized enterprise in Germany, we offer our customers the competence and flexibility but also reliability of an innovative mechanical engineering company in the area of new gearbox/transmission manufacturing and service.

Our production site lies at the cradle of German mechanical engineering – in Saxony. Our local productions are of best quality (ISO 9001 certified) and we sell our products on a global scale.

We are looking forward to your next project!

***We help you swing into high gear!***[Slogan je nach Wahl]


At the end of the 19th century, our company was founded by Theodor Schreiber under the name of Nossener Maschinenfabrik. Later, his son took over and managed it until the fifties.

In 1958, it was passed on to the trusteeship of Papierfabrik Nossen. The company continued to manufacture gearboxes/transmissions. In the course of the industry cleanup, it became a branch of VEB ASUG Getriebewerk Penig in 1979. During that time, TGL transmissions were produced in Nossen.

On 01.07.1990, Alfred Friedrich Flender AG bought Getriebewerk Penig and therefore also the Nossen plant.

On 30.06.1991, Mr Hartmut Liefeld took over the Nossen plant and from then on continued to head it as Getriebebau Nossen. In 1994, he became owner of the company. In the time to follow, he invested in a new production hall and in the expansion of the machine fleet.

While at first the focus was on parts manufacturing, new construction and service for industrial gearboxes/transmissions increasingly gained significance later on.

In early 2005, Mr Liefeld turned 66 and, with effect from 01.08.2005, handed over the leadership of the firm to Mr Matthias Richter. Mr Richter had until then been working as Assembly Manager at Flender Getriebewerk Penig, initially in new gearbox/transmission manufacturing, and later on in the service and maintenance area of Flender Service GmbH. After the dissolution of Flender Service GmbH and the outsourcing of the respective activities to Herne in North Rhine-Westphalia, he moved to Nossen.

Building on his long-standing experience, the business area of new gearbox manufacturing and service has developed very well.

Our satisfied customers especially include companies from the mining industry, steel industry and from energy generation as well as the respective plant engineers. Besides the German-speaking countries, many of our customers come from all of Europe and beyond.

The area of energy generation from hydro and wind power has developed into a speciality for us. From this area, plant engineers and operators alike are placing their trust in gearboxes/drives/transmissions and services from Nossen. These are always custom-made special designs adapted to the respective assembly situation that we develop in our own development department.

We give our customers the opportunity to precisely analyse the state of wear of their drive/transmission. So you are able to prevent expensive downtime due to transmission/drive damages on the one hand, and reduce costs by being able to postpone general repairs when receiving positive diagnosis results on the other hand. We carry out these transmission/drive diagnostics with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Whether at steelwork gears in a plant or wind power drives in heady heights, we carry out the diagnostics anywhere you need us to.

Above all, our customers appreciate our speed and flexibility, as well as the competitive prices of our new drives/transmissions, repairs and spare parts.


Our customers include major companies from the following industrial sectors:

- Energy generation (hydro and wind power plants, coal fired power stations)

- Steelworks

- Mining / raw material processing

- Conveyor systems / hoists

- Railway vehicles

- Recycling plants

- Paper making and cellulose industry

- Special driving mechanisms of any kind

Specific company data can be delivered upon request.



We design and produce new gearboxes /transmissions according to your requirements profile and/or your drawing or sample. Our special strength lies in the manufacture and service of special gearing. Our highly skilled designers, with the assistance of state-of-the-art SolidWorks CAD software, will precisely create the technological solution that best suits your particular application case. Neither will we settle for compromises nor for out-of-the-box solutions.

The following are on offer:

- Helical gear units/Cylindrical gears

- Bevel gear pairs

- Bevel helical gear units/Straight bevel gear pairs

- Planetary gear trains

- Worm gear pairs

- many TGL gearbox product ranges


We service industrial gearboxes/transmissions from all manufacturers up to a total weight of 25,000 kg. Our scope of performance ranges from removing the gearing from the plant to repairing and testing it in our workshop up to professionally installing it in the plant. We recondition and/or manufacture the required spare parts. We design improvements and/or modifications that will lead to a higher efficiency of your plant.


Parts / wheelsets

We produce gearing parts, but also spare parts and wear parts for your plant. Our delivery programme includes, among others, bevel gears, bevel gear shafts, spur wheels/cylindrical gears, spur wheel/cylindrical gear shafts, splined shafts, sprockets/chain wheels, belt pulleys, trapezoid and flat thread spindles with nuts as well as covers and rings. The parts can be hardened and tempered, carburised, flame-hardened as well as coated. We can provide you with interlocked parts in any required quality. In addition, we can offer you boring work, e.g. for housing complete machining.

    -    External spline according to DIN 5480 and DIN 5481

    -    External spline according to ANSI B92.1a

    -    Cyclo-palloid gear cutting

    -    Involute toothing spur/helical/double helical

    -    Burning of bevels; flame-cutting of sheet metals of up to 150 mm

Housing / welded assemblies

We design, weld and finish machine your weldments in-house. Moreover, we can pre-treat and finish machine your gearbox casings/transmission cases on our boring mills. We shall be glad to perform design services and calculations for you as well as the assembly and disassembly of assembly groups, including MAG, WIG and MIG welding.


  • CNC lathes with power tools up to: Da max: 320; L max: 775
  • Cycle-controlled lathes up to: Da max above bed/saddle: 1220/550; L max: 2500
  • Conventional lathes up to: Da max above bed/saddle: 1150/800; L max: 4000
  • CNC milling machining centres up to: (x/y/z) 1270/635/610
  • Conventional milling machines up to: (x/y/z) 1030/335/465
  • Horizontal drilling and boring machine, CNC and conventional, up to: (x/y/z) 3000/1800/1700
  • Surface grinders up to: (x/y/z) 580/190
  • Cylindrical grinders: Da max: 360; L max: 1500
  • Automatic bandsaws up to: Da max: 320
  • Involute gear cutters: m1-18; Da max: 1250; b max: 600
  • CNC tooth profile grinding machine Gleason-Pfauter P600/800 G: m1-m14; Da max: 800; b max: 600
  • Klingelnberg tooth profile grinding machine: m2,5-12; width of cut 170; Da 30-640
  • Klingelnberg palloid bevel gear cutting machine: m2,5-7; Da max: 500
  • Push type slotter: Slot width 8-50; L max: 400
  • Lapping machine, swivel bending machine, crank type plate shears, metal shears with punch and notching tool, push type slotters, radial drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, plasma cutters, welding sets, presses up to 400 t

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