Gear unit manufacturing and service - Manufacture of parts and subassemblies

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  • CNC lathes with power tools up to: Da max: 368; L max: 775
  • Cycle-controlled lathes up to: Da max above bed/saddle: 1300/900; L max: 3200
  • Conventional lathes up to: Da max above bed/saddle: 1150/800; L max: 4000
  • CNC milling machining centres up to: (x/y/z) 1600/800/700
  • Conventional milling machines up to: (x/y/z) 1030/335/465
  • Horizontal drilling and boring machine, CNC and conventional, up to: (x/y/z) 3000/1800/1700
  • Surface grinders up to: (x/y/z) 580/190
  • Cylindrical grinders: Da max: 360; L max: 1500
  • Automatic bandsaws up to: Da max: 320
  • Involute gear cutters: m1-18; Da max: 1250; b max: 600
  • CNC tooth profile grinding machine Gleason-Pfauter P600/800 G: m1-m14; Da max: 800; b max: 600
  • Klingelnberg tooth profile grinding machine: m2,5-12; width of cut 170; Da 30-640
  • Klingelnberg palloid bevel gear cutting machine: m2,5-7; Da max: 500
  • Push type slotter: Slot width 8-50; L max: 400
  • Lapping machine, swivel bending machine, crank type plate shears, metal shears with punch and notching tool, push type slotters, radial drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, plasma cutters, welding sets, presses up to 400 t